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Our Menu

The menu is diverse with a large selection of food and drinks as well as special lunch dishes, such as  freshly made pasta and home made soups. The coffee shop offers a wide selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, ranging from the classic "Ham and cheese sandwich" to the "Chicken and tomato mayonnaise sandwich". All sandwiches can be served on brown bread and toasted. The Maltese ‘ftira’, baguettes and focaccias are favourites amongst clients of Caffe` Portomaso, especially the "chicken, gammon and chutney ftira" the "Parma ham, mozzarella and tomato baguette" and the "Focaccia Veneziana (chicken, mozzarella, bacon, green peppers, onions and tomatoes)"

If clients pass by the hot counter, they will see the large selection of hot snacks that are offered. Favourites such as cheese cakes and pea cakes (Pastizzi), arancini, spinach, tuna and anchovy pie, chicken pie and beef and mushroom pie are prepared and all displayed in the counter everyday. Caffe` Portomaso offers a large selection of salads such as the "tuna salad", the "caprese salad (mozzarella and tomatoes)", the "Avocado and prawn salad" and the "Chicken waldorf salad" which is served with mixed lettuce, chicken breast, mayonnaise, walnuts and slices of green apple.

Caffe` Portomaso
does not only offer bread snacks and salads, it also has a large variety of pizzas. From the traditional and simple Margherita to the much loved Veneziana (chicken, mozzarella, bacon, green peppers, sweet corn, onions and tomatoes). The selection will surely satisfy each individual’s taste buds.

Daily specials are available everyday and these can are found on the black boards in the coffee shop.

Apart from being an ideal place for a snack, Caffe` Portomaso  is also popular with customers to meet over a hot drink or a dessert.
Hot chocolate is perfect to warm yourself up in the winter season. Caffe` Portomaso offers two different types of hot chocolate either the weak hot chocolate or the thick hot chocolate, which can either be white or milk chocolate. If one opts for the thick hot chocolate, they have a choice of sixteen different flavours, such as mint, almond, orange cinnamon, amaretto, coconut and many more.
Not to be outdone, the desserts department offers over twenty options of cakes and ice-creams.

*Please be aware that the online menus are for reference only; the menus in the restaurant might be slightly different as we continuously change our proposals to meet the seasonality of our ingredients and the market.

*Gluten free and other specific diet controlled foods must be ordered 48 hours prior to booking.*

Our A la Carte Menu

Our Drink Menu